Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tortuga Bay Hotel & Resort Punta Cana: Part 2

As promised, here is Part Two of our Dominican getaway at the gorgeous Tortuga Bay Hotel & Resort in Punta Cana.  If you missed Part One, you can find it here. Again, I will let the photographs speak for themselves and there are plenty of them, so....enjoy! 

The gorgeous beach!

The true meaning of "heavenly".

We were lucky enough to see this beautiful wedding...makes me want to get married again.

Our daily hangout.

View from the villa.

The gorgeous villa...beach view.

The front of the villa.  Each villa gets its own golf cart to use around the resort for the duration of your stay.

 Pool at the clubhouse.  

Bamboo restaurant and pool...breakfast is served here daily or in your room.  The choice is yours! 

It's a dirty job but someone has to drink it.

Upon arrival guests are given a cell phone to call the villa manager for any requests they may have.

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree...

The clubhouse.

The hubs was in heaven when he saw the amazing choices...this was some store in Bavaro...20 min from the resort.

The Oscar de la Renta boutique located in the resort.  

Life size Chess set to kill the time.   

The resort used to be a jungle and when they turned part of it into the Tortuga Bay Resort, they kept a large portion of it as an Ecological is mesmerizing and scary at the same time.  I saw a dried up snake hanging from a tree!

The ecological reserve has spectacular lagoons for swimming.

You can see how clear the water is, but knowing my luck I would be one of those poor tourists who brings home an un-welcomed  souvenir.  No Thanks!!!!

Unbeknownst to me, Mr. C had planned a surprise from me on the eve of my Birthday.  The picture above and the following pictures are what I was greeted with after our dinner.   I love to be surprised, don't you?

Brace yourself! The remaining pictures are my feeble attempt at being a model.  Not! 

I love this Victoria's Secret Cover was the perfect tropical element to my vacation wardrobe.  I think it's a bold pattern and I loved how light and breezy it felt.  Please forgive the squinty eyes, I had forgotten my sunglasses and the sun was blinding.  


  1. Katrina, that place is PARADISE! Exquisite indeed! I am loving these pics girl. The color of the villa alone got me. I love yellow on walls and for architecture. I think it's so uplifting. The beach! Ohhhh the beach! HAHAHA The drinks! Ohhhh the drinks! I wish I had one right now. It looked so refreshing. You are too funny with the posing. Love your coverup and heels :) Your hubby is the best girl. That cake is FAB! And I'm loving the sprinkle of flowers leading to the tub. Super exquisite trip! Thanks for sharing your pics. I enjoyed looking at them. Glad you didn't have a pic of the snake! You didn't right? I didn't look that close for it. HAHAHAHA

  2. I went to the DR last winter with my hubby and we loved it! Beautiful beaches, friendly people, sunny weather. Just amazing. I also love your coverup that is gorgeous!

  3. Gorgeous pictures!! Makes me want to go on a vacation....your cover up is pretty too!!

  4. these pictures are amazing! You are so lucky for being there! I have been in Punta Cana, and I have to say those are one of my favorite beaches I've been to!
    Also, love the last pictures of you. Very sweet!

  5. by the way, we're following you now :D

  6. Beautiful photos, loved your fresh outfit. Welcome to visit my blog and we can follow eachother on bloglovin if you want.

  7. omgosh i love your tropical beach vacay pics! but what i really love are your SHOES!! OMGGGGGG the platform, the heel, the slingback, THE COLOR! OMG THE COLOR!

  8. OMG.. I love the pictures.. it's so beautiful!!!!!!!! :)
    n dun worry.. u have done a great job (not) modelling :P

    follow each other?
    Thanks fr ur wonderful comment :D..
    btw..New post is up :)

  9. Wow these pictures seem to be coming out of a calendar..Truly Amazing
    Thanks for commenting and joining me ..
    Hope we keep in touch..(:

  10. Hey! following you now on bloglovin and GFC.
    Have a great weekend!

  11. LOVE the cover up with those sky high Loubies. Such pretty colors. What I'd give to go to this resort now!!!

  12. Really beautiful :)
    Thank you for visit and lovely comment :*

  13. I was going to say that some of those pics looked like they belong in the Corona commercial, and then I saw them! LOL! That place is amazing! Looks like you enjoyed a beautiful birthday!

    And your model self is too cute!! LOVE those gorgeous heels with the floral cover up!

    xo, sam

  14. sooo pretty here! how amazing it'd be to get married on that beach!

  15. Have I mentioned how jealous I am of this vacation??

    Also I want to let you know you one of my 7x7 award recipients!

    love reading your posts!

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  17. Stunning photos. It looks so beautiful there. Great post! and the villa is too good. I hope you have enjoyed a lot there.